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Introducing myself!


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Howdy all!

I've been a Devils fan since 1994. I was 10 years old and up to that point, all I cared about were the Phillies. My father, a huge Flyers fan, hated the Rangers. I remember going upstairs into my parent's bedroom when he was watching the Devils play the Rangers in the playoffs (my mom wouldn't let him watch the game on the big TV).

I had never seen him get so excited over a game before, except when the Phillies were in the World Series the year before. Of course, the Flyers were long gone from the playoffs and it was up to the Devils and their new goalie to stop the Rangers from getting any further. So, I cheered alongside my dad and I decided I'd be a Devils fan, since 1. I'm from New Jersey and 2. Hey, to a 10 year old, Devils are cool!

In two short games, my heart was broken when the Rangers won. But my long loyalty to the team was rewarded next year when they swept the Red Wings for the Cup. But the moment I truly became a fan was when Adam Graves scored that wrap-around goal on Marty Brodeur. Ever since that moment, my love for the Devils and hatred for the Rangers has been firmly cemented.

Go Devils!

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Welcome to the show.

It takes a big fan to show up this week!! :koolaid:

Kudos to you!

Let's hope the Devs get off this skid and ramp it up for the playoffs!

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