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Congratulations to Devilswede (NJDevs' FHL champ)!

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Well done...my team ran out of gas at the end but your team was really the best all year anyway, and winning your first season isn't bad! Especially dethroning two-time winner Swede in the process.

As this year's winner you get an automatic invite back for next season as well as the ability to choose your position in next year's draft. That's the most I can offer in a free league :lol:

Swede did defend his crown well, finishing third (maybe second since he could still pass me) in spite of the Brodeur injury. It might have gotten interesting late if Brodeur and the Devils didn't have that protracted dry spell. Wolf Pack and halfshark also had fine seasons finishing in the top five.

More than half the teams were active into April, and 14-15 were active into late March, that isn't bad for a 20-team league especially considering the one forced dead team really made it a league of 19 teams. Wouldn't mind having those of you back for next year!

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Congrats Devilswede!!!

I didnt have a bad first season although my Goaltending tandem let me down (Ward was slow to start and every other guy i put in got injured) and ment i was 16 games under in that position , thats a lot of points lost right there.

I really regret not picking Parise over Kopitar now :argh:

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I'll add my .02. Congrats, to Devilswede. Your team was ranked No. 1 almost every day this year, wasn't it? Pretty impressive. Next year, I'll not pick Turco to man the nets. Now watch, he'll have a good year next year!

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Thanks for the congrats guys! It was a great league this year, very competitive. It was very crowded at the top and fortunately I hung on at the end there. :)

I was really worried about my goaltending before the start of the season, but who knew Khabibulin would become the guy in Chicago and play so well this year? I got lucky I guess...and picking up Hiller for the 2nd half wasn't one of my worse decisions. I got lucky with a couple of guys, but I'm probably mostly proud of picking David Backes up after a couple of games in the FA pool. He was a huge Fantasy player this year.

I do regret letting Bobby Ryan go though...he went on a tear right after I dropped him. oh well. :)

And kudos to all of those that stayed active in a big league like this one, impressive! Looking forward to next year, should be another great league!

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