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Let me start by thanking both stub hub and the ticket seller for providing me with absolutely great seats for my first game at the Rock! I had been a partial season ticket holder at the Meadowlands for about 3 seasons before my son took an interest in our great sport, and decided he wanted to pursue Ice Hockey. The cost of youth travel hockey prohibited me from being able to maintain my seats or being able to go to many sporting events in general.

That being said it was time to try to do something. My kids had been bugging me for a year now to take them to the new arena, and what better time than to a playoff game! I was pleasantly surprised (although skeptical) when I saw the postings the other day about tickets on stub hub. I had never used them and wasnt sure what to think. But when I found lower level seats that were affordable for me to be able to take all 3 of my sons I jumped on them hoping they were legit. Several members on the board calmed my fears by telling me they had used them and to not worry (and I thank those who gave input for that). I also had concerns about parking and getting to the arena as I hadnt been there, and again thanks to those who gave me input. I was able to find the 15 dollar lot 3 blocks away that I beleive Devils731 talked about). It wasnt till I got to the door and got scanned in with my kids that I was releived and totally pumped. (I knew they were legit tickets)

First WOW what a beautiful facility. I know it is brand new, but man did they do a great job. The seats well couldnt ask for more. Got a few nice pics and again my kids were in awe. The food was a bit pricey but no more than any arena food, so that was no worry.

The game was fantastic. I never saw my 11 year old so excited about a hockey game, I think he fed off of my excitement from the opening face off. The Goal song with the "you suck" IS AWESOME!!!! The intermittent Rangers suck chants with somewhat subdued "Gomez swallows" were even more entertaining. ONce the Devils had taken control (about midway through the first period in my opinion) The excitement just built and built and built. The Ward jeers were awesome (many of which seemed to begin in our section during the second period) He certainly felt it, as I saw him keep speaking to the ref during timeouts. The fans as well as the players got to Ward, and they need to continue that on Friday. I hope the fans are as vocal or more on Friday as it certainly seemed to feed the Devils who played with an intensity that was lacking for the better part of 3 weeks.

The Devils in my opinion played a complete game and I never really felt like the Canes (who didnt match the Devils intensity) were going to win. The Devils won the battles along the boards the defense played agressively and the forecheck was right on (never giving the Canes defense any time) If that continues it should be a great outcome for the Devils.

Even getting out by parking a few blocks away allowed us to get to Broad street pretty quickly and I was on Rt 78 heading home fairly smoothly. I was home in 2 hours even with construction restrictions on 78 so it wasnt bad at all.

Thank you Devils for a great night and I am riding high today!! Hopefully I will be able to attend a game next round as well(assuming we are there)


P.S. even considering a partial plan for next year now...

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I'm happy for you that you thoroughly enjoyed your first experience at the Rock. We should all be grateful that this building was built before the economy collapsed.

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Glad you had a great time. The ROCK is really a beautiful facility. I've been to about 20 games this year and this was my first playoff game ever. Some suggestions for next year...

The partial plans. I'd suggest going with the flex plan. It's an 8 game or more package. 8 being the minimum. It will enable you to purchase all playoff tickets into the Stanley Cup Round if you want. You'll have to buy the playoff strips as a 2 series set but you'll get refunded the games that are not played. You can also tell the ticket dept that you want any games not played credited to rounds 3 and 4. The reason I suggest the flex plan is that 1) Section 120 tickets are about 59 dollars each and it is a little on the expensive side but I wanted to be able to buy Stanley Cup finals tickets if the Devils made it. That's my 'insurance' of getting SC tickets if they make it. Well worth it IMO.

This year the Devils marketing dept put in a lot of effort with this economy to get fans into the stands. They offered many 40 dollar ticket nights, some college nights, some throwback price night, etc. Those were the extra games I went to this year along with my 8 game flex plan. I suspect that they will do this again next year. 8 Games might be enough for you and your sons but once they get the hockey fever, it's hard to stop. There isn't a bad seat at the Rock, unless of course you are sitting next to a Rangers or Flyers fan.

Get your butt to Friday's game too, our boys need our support!


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good times PA ...

Awesome. I was on the phone already this morning with the sales team about options for next year. My boy is going to be a senior, and out of the blue he told me he felt burned out (with the tier 1 hockey and stuff) so he didnt want to play next year. I was like well I will never force you and oh by the way it saves me thousands of dollars...

Oh light goes off in head I can maybe buy tickets again.....

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I have a similar situation.. My brother and I have always talked about getting season tickets when we were like 30, and this winter over my holiday break I waited in line for $10 seats to every game.. Late January I was sitting in my dorm room bummed that I had seen my last Devils games for the season, so I decided to look at season tickets for the 2nd half of the season.. After all was said and done, I'm now a 20 year old season ticket holder and I've already renewed for next season (didn't win any damn super prizes though).. I'm in college, so money is tight, but I do what it takes to pay for my seat

Reading about your excitement reminds me of myself.. Every game I go to I get the same feeling like it's my first Devils game in the new arena.. I look around in awe of how great it looks and the high level of energy in the arena..

Hope you go with the partial plan!

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Glad you had a great time ! I drive up from Richmond, Virginia to catch at least one Devils game a year. This year it was Marty's shutout #100 against the Flyers. Next year I hope to catch a Devils /Ranjerks game.

There are a bunch of mid-atlantic Devils fans south of Jersey. While driving home during a snowstorm from my last Devils game, we bumped into some Devils fans at a rest area in Maryland that were driving back to Northern Virgina.

Our minor league team here in Richmond folded recently so I just might make more than one Devils game next season .

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I'm very lucky - I live in Jersey City, near the PATH. So I can just take the train over to Newark Penn station and walk over to the games. I've done it quite a few times this season - I was there when the Devils scored 8 goals on the Rangers and when Marty got his 552nd win. Good times.

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