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GDT: NJ @ CAR - ECQF Game 3 - 7:30 MSG+


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FU CAROLINA! I got the feeling they were playing for OT thinking they owned us but they got owned! WOOHOO!

They weren't...if anything they were the ones trying to win and we were the ones that looked dead. Thankfully the Devils got a second wind and came out the right way in OT this time.

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as I said back 20 pages ago - Can we just leave the Parise line out for the rest of the game?

It definitely seemed like that line was our only hope. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for them to get back out onto the ice.

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I think half of this board should probably just keep believing til the game is over. We looked outplayed the last 20 minutes of this game yet we win it in OT despite all the doubters and the winless record against Carolina. How about that?

Ya Gotta Believe!

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I'll admit as soon as the final minutes of the 3rd period winded down...I was like "this game is over...we don't have good OT stats against these guys." I couldn't even look directly at the game as the OT started.

Thank you Trav for proving me wrong.

Intense game!


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Nice Call, do you ever get anything right?

I don't get why the positive people have to be so gung-ho angry at us 'negative' ones. Let's face it we had no reason to think this time would be any different, especially after the last five minutes of regulation.

I love that I was wrong...but instead of ripping each other we should all just be happy that they finally ripped the Canes' hearts out for a change! :clap: And now that they finally proved they could rip the Canes' hearts out that'll make it a bit easier mentally for the players and the fans going foward.

the call was great...

cangelosi: Shannahan scoreeee!

chico: 19

cangelosi: ZAJACCC!!!!!!

OMG I missed that, I was just so damn happy and relieved I didn't even hear the call :lol: At least we get Doc the next couple games.

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