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OOT Scoreboard - Mon. 4/20. ECQF & WCQF - Round 1.


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Monday, Apr 20, 2009

There are 3-games on tap tonight.



Round 1, Game 3

small.png(2)Washington @ (7)Rangers small.png 7:00 PM, VERSUS, TSN.

(Rangers lead the series 2-0)

small.png(1)Boston @ (8)Montreal small.png 7:00 PM, CBC, RDS.

(Boston leads the series 2-0)

small.png(4)Chicago @ (5)Calgary small.png 9:30 PM, TSN, VERSUS.

(Chicago leads the series 2-0)

There are 2-games in the ECQF and one game in the WCQF match ups tonight.

Washington is at the Rangers where this series now goes to MSG for the next two games. Washington has had no goaltending for most of their season, yet they are the #2 seed in the EC. :blink: Theodore was not tood good in Game 1 and he was benched for Game 2 and they still lost both games on home ice. Now Washington needs to win at least Game 3 here tonight if they want to make this a series. Washinghton has lost the home ice and need to get it back by winning the next two games on the road at MSG. Rangers and Lundqvist has played very well in the first two games and hopefully that will change now for Games 3 and 4 on their home ice. Washington needs this game and they better win Game 3.

Boston is at Montreal where Boston has dominated this series thus far winning both games on home ice. Now they go on the road for the next two games in Montreal and look to go up 3-0 in the series. Montreal is now home for the next two games infront of their home fans which will be going crazy. Montreal needs to win Game 3 if they are going to have any chance in this series. Montreal will try to win both games on home ice to make this a series and they better win Game 3 at home or the crowd will get ugly on them.

Chicago is at Calgary where Chicago now goes on the road for the next two games up in Calgary where Calgary has played very well at home in the sea of red. Chicago has won the first two games of this series, both of them in tight games where Calgary had the lead in both games but lost both in the end. Calgary is banged up but they will have the home crowd infront of them for the nest two games. Calgary needs to win Game 3 tonight if they want to make it a series. Calgary needs to win the next two games to even up the series and give Chicago all they can handle. Calgary better win Game 3 tonight.

With all three series' at 2-0 the teams trailing (Washington, Montreal, Calgary), all three teams need to win Game 3 to try to make this a series. If not, all three teams going down 0-3, the series' are pretty much over. Desperate times and hockey games for those three teams. I want to see all three teams get back into their series' with a win tonight.

Lets Go Washington, Montreal and Calgary! :evil:


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Score an early goal and you'll take the crowd out of it.


Now that cheapshot Lucic is out, take advantage. Let's see Komisarek demolish Savard,Kessel and Wheeler with thundering hits. In other words give the Bruins a taste of their own medicine, elbows,sticks and late hits, but not called. Let's see how the Bruins like it.


Show the Hawks how to play on good ice, not crap ice like the UC.

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If the Rangers are up by more than two goals late in the game, I want Washington to just start injuring their players. At that point, the game and the series will be over anyway, so they'll have nothing to lose. Just start cheap-shotting little fa*gots like Callahan, Dubinsky, and the Mexican jerk-off whose name I won't mention. Take a run at Pads too.

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