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GDT: 4/23 - New Jersey Devils vs. Carolina Hurricanes - Game 5 ECQF

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great win, greene added some juice to the second power play unit.

i don't like the way la rose went in blades first; on the replay it looked like he made sure to get this blades right up into marty.

very lucky marty did not wind up like kevin bieska last year...

man carolina is a tough nut to crack, they are one of those teams that is hard to kill, kind of like a cockroach.

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This is the reaction i expected from Mr Brodeur and I wasnt dissapointed.

He made some huge saves in the game and looked up for it.

The D also looked a lot more lively, and contributed at both ends of the ice.

If Greene wants to win people over he needs to play like that for the rest of the playoff's however long were in and cary it over to next year.

After Rolston made progress last game he regressed right back to where he was before.

Lets use this and finnish it off on sunday.


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Great night last night! Awesome win and what a way to shut them down! This is OUR series!!! I bet all the Canes fans are complaining about a "boring" game last night.... thats because Marty SHUT YOU DOWN! Just an awesome night at the rock. I am drained barely have a voice but it was great times last night!!!!! WOOOO!!! Finish them in Carolina game 6!

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Unreal game. It was so amazing being there. We gotta finish them off in 6, i dont think i can handle a game 7 in this classic series.

Marty stole us this game. Game 4 just pissed him off, and thats how a HoF goalie responds. Im so proud of him and the guys.

The PP was so damn clutch tonight. Hats off to Andy Greene. After reading his quotes this afternoon, he seemed really prepared for this game and ready to go, despite his lack of games this year. When Sal comes back, Greene's gotta play for Havelid. Also im a huge fan of Paul Martin, but this has not been his best series. Im hoping he picks it up here soon.


I think Martin has been playing amazing! Doesn't he have like 4 primary assists in the series? Plus his skating and puck control is the best among the D

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The one star missed last night: MADDEN.

During the playoffs he plays to win, I can't remember another Devil forward in this years playoffs who has been EVERYWHERE making the right plays (shooting aside).

Shanny is starting to gel with both he and Pando the last two games.

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