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GDT: 4/23 - New Jersey Devils vs. Carolina Hurricanes - Game 5 ECQF

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I don't often post, and tonight is a big game so I will. I will say this, action speaks louder then words. The team on the ice needs to play like there is no tomorrow. If you are there scream as loud as you can but remember be supportive.

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I will probably faint and have to be carried out of the arena if Zubrus ever got a hat trick.

It's not personal with him, he just is not any good offensively, not as much as you would expect or hope for from a top six forward who doesn't bring a lot of intangibles (physical play, faceoffs, speed).

How about a 4 goal game from Zubrus? That could never happen. Oh wait......

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We need an elite effort from Brodeur tonight. 1 goal allowed max.

The Devils need 3 goals... 2 isn't going to cut it - Marty is not the problem in our 2 losses (nor was he the reason for 1 of our 2 wins). We need our D to play like they did in Feb and not in March or so far in April. I just wish our forward lines 2 & 3 could make something happen once a game.

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