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Brodeur doesn't back down


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Yes, but IMO I think he does it because he's not getting the call in the first place?

In a regular season game I was watching a Red Wings home game and Lidstrom scythed down an opposing forward to the ice. The was no call, the Wings color Guy (Mickey Redmond ?) said, well the Wings got away with one there, I reckond it was a non-call due to respect for Lidstrom.

The league normally gives preferential treatment to vets (the better players) and star players. 4th liners get the rough end of the stick.

What I'm trying to say is that perhaps Marty is thinking he should get the calls, not so much because they are a penalty (50% of the time they are fouls) but because he is a star player. I know it's kinda wrong but when he sees other vets and star players getting the "benefit of the doubt" (there is no doubt at all-they are fouls) he seems to be pissed off that he does not get the same preferential treatment like the rest of the vets/star players.

IMO the last five years or so Marty has been run more times than at any other point id his career. He's had enough of it.

He definitely has, no question. Without guys like Stevens and Dano out there, he's fair game.

But last night, he just played his game and WOW, what a result.

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