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No Devils/'Canes on NBC; Langs and Sal unknown for game 6


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Apparently, the programming genuises over at NBC seem to think poker and some stupid outdoor adventure show would draw better ratings. :rolleyes: Meanwhile, this has been the best series of the first round, hands down. I'm glad there likely won't be an afternoon game because I have to attend a christening, but nonetheless, the lack of respect for these two teams is just astounding and insulting.

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NBC= Nothing But Crosby

I'm kinda glad we aren't going to be on there. Screw them. This is hands down the best series of the first round. I smile every time they shoot themselves in the foot never showing us. Just like that Sunday we played the Sharks.

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the NHL via TG is now saying that the local cable networks were pulling for televising game 6 themselves. which makes sense, because i have absolutely no idea how MSG+ is a profitable enterprise given that there are now 4 local sports networks.

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This is a no brainer for NBC and the league to no air any game.

NBC is dependent on averaging the highest ratings possible in order to sell advertising time for next season and the weeks ahead.

New Jersey is NOT a TV market and Raleigh is #27 so airing this game will lower the money they can charge for the NHL games.

For the leagues sake we should hope the CAPS/RAGS keep going, as this will do great ratings with NY being the #1 TV market and Washington, D.C. being #9

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Since it seems that whenever the Devils are on Versus, they always play like hammered sh!t and lose... I hope the game isn't on Versus. :P I just hope we get a 7 or 7:30 start on MSG+ regardless... as I said, I have to attend a christening Sunday afternoon, and I don't want to be in the position of having to go into media black-out mode while the DVR is rolling.

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