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What Will You Be Drinking during Game 7?


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Hmmm, what indeed.

I'm gonna be working 'til 5, so there's not gonna be much pre-gaming time by the time I make it to Newark. And beer is so prohibitively expensive. Might wind up with just a water and/or sprite.

Whoever said Johnny Walker Red is my hero. I've got a Blue Label (or Green...I forget what she's got at the moment) shot or two with my name on it once this semester's over. Best celebratory tradition ever. Might have to extend that to the playoffs as well.

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Deecceeennttt....have you tried the Widmer? I love me some Wheat/Hefs. Although not the best, I was thrilled to see they were serving a Hefeweizen when I made my first visit last year.

Funny, Shock Top, Widmer, and the Red Hook ESB are my beers of choice at the arena. :beerbang:

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A 30 pack of the finest beer in all the land, Natural Light, or as some post college grads might know it better as, Nattie/Natty.

I'll try to take down 12 or 13 by the 3rd period, depending on if they are winning or losing I might have to finish them all. :pray:

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Sam Adams Summer Ale is out now, so I'll be having one or two before the game as well.. It's my favorite beer

yeah i know it's boston beer, but it's good. wish i had the imperial white (10.3% alc/vol but like $2 more expensive for a 4 pack) but i'll probably be polishing off the half case i got of regular sam.

(did you know that's not actually sam adams' photo on the label? it's actually paul revere. they said adams wasn't that attractive of a guy in real life lol)

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Polish beer, before the game at least. The game starts at 1:30 am of my time, so I'll probably just end up sitting in front of my PC watching it without drinking anything really. :doh1:

Damn it, that's just a piss poor excuse. Get some Belvedere (the official vodka of the Rock) and enjoy watching the Devs win their first series at the Rock!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and I have left overr Zywiec which will be my beer of choice.

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