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GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

Neutral Zone Trap

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I can't be a fan of this team anymore. I'm done. Its too emotionally draining. I feel like a death just occured in my family. I've never felt this horrible. Give the canes credit, they didn't deserve to win, but they came through under the intense pressure, and I've never seen a team crumble under the pressure like the devils just did. This ones goin to keep me up for days, I'm in total shock.

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I really thought they were going to win too.

I thought they could finally rewrite the ending.

insane thinking my friend.. final moments + hurricanes losing = very bad .. always comes back to kill us

how about all of those missed chances? Madden played his heart out.. but my fvckING god how many 2 on 1's did he piss away? Langs too had a golden chance to put the knife in them.. unfvcking real..

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