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GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

Neutral Zone Trap

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I can't be a fan of this team anymore. I'm done. Its too emotionally draining. I feel like a death just occured in my family. I've never felt this horrible.

lol dude try being a Mets fan :argh: , oh trust me the pain would even be worse than this.. at least now im never prepped to say a game/standings/series/whatnot is over as much as it looked it like it would be over.

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Looking at you Whitey. All of your cough ups cost us the resulted in at least 3 goals in this series. Learn how to make a fvcking outlet pass. I hope you're gone next season.

Brodeur...WTF man. 3rd goal I can understand because Havelid was out of position on top of Chico hexing is with his "just don't leave guys open back door" about a minute earlier, but the Staal goal was just......WTF.

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Empty drained thats how I feel....cant wait for 3 more years of rolston and 4-5 with zubrus

Zubust will never figure it out, Rolston i dont know about yet.. i still think he could be better than he was this season.. well, he HAS to be

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