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GDT 4/28 Carolina vs New Jersey-Game 7.

Neutral Zone Trap

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Ill be up in 211 tonight rocking my Brodeur jersey; hopefully the crowd will be roaring tonight. Im so nervous for the game, its going to be hard to watch if its 0-0 after a large amount of time. Im expecting a goal from Elias, and hoping for a goal from Rolston. Marty should be great in net, we just need to get him a couple of goals.

Plenty of this tonight...


...and hopefully handshakes afterwards as the Devils celebrate their 1st playoff series victory while at the Rock.


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...my thing is this: Where will the players' heads be, if we do win tonight? How will they play in the coming rounds? Tonight marks the eighth (yes 8th) consecutive time we've played these guys. April 9th was the last time we've played anyone other than Carolina. Does that make us complacent, or will it work in our favor? :noclue:

Definitely the least of my worries at this point.

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Gotta figure out what jersey to wear (superstitious). My Parise has a good record in the regular season, 2-2 this round. My Elias I haven't worn that much this year is 1-1 in the playoffs. Can't wear Clarkson cause i seems every time I wear it they lose! My dad and buddy said break out the jersey that they won their last Game 7 in, 2003 Final. Turner Stevenson!!

LOL my wife says Elias and thinks I am crazy. LOL

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so.. ugh... can we beat Carolina in a playoff series once? Please?

We did, in 2001, first round opponents, we beat them in 6 games! Its 8 Years later and we will be looking for some redemption for the last few times we have met in the playoffs. We're due to win this Game. Lets DO THIS!!!




New GDT Mascot ADDED


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