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Hey guys:

I am from Biloxi, Mississippi. Yeah, the one that got hit a few years ago by a hurricane. I have been a hockey fan since i was i think 8. At that time, our local ECHL team, the MS Seawolves had a trade agreement with the then AHL Pheonix Coyotes and the Devils. I started to go to the games and loved the atmosphere and the game. So, i looked up the Devils and started watching them on tv when they were on. My family thought it was just a phase and let it go. And then I really started enjoying it. I played a power forward in my little roller hockey team. I wasn't great but it was still fun.

Being in a football state like i am, it's hard to find hockey enthusiasts. But then I went to college, and 'lo and behold i found a couple other hockey fans. Unfortunately, one is a Detroit Red Wings fan and the other is a Colorado Avalanche fan. Yeah, i know, they have no taste whatsoever. But it is fun to see them fight everytime they play. It is great to be able to talk with real fans of the game, even though the closest i will come to a Devs game is if i get a chance to see them in Atlanta. But who knows, maybe i'll get lucky and move to Newark.

By the way, the first coach of the Seawolves now coaches the Washington Capitols, so now that we were eliminated them, that's who i'm rooting for.

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Welcome :)

Moving to Newark wouldn't be the brightest move in the world, though. Safe for a game, not the best place to live if you can avoid it :P

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