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Top 10 Most Hated Professional Athletes

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1. Dick Vitale

2. Todd Bertuzzi

3. Stuart Scott

4. Patrick Roy

5. Linda Cohn

6. Brett Farve

7. Darren Pang

8. Brendan Shanahan (For disparaging Devils fans about a dozen years ago.)

9. Bill Belicheck

10. ?????

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1. Darius Kasparaitis (can't believe nobody listed him, dirty player, ruined what could have been an even better career for Johnny Mac)

2. Sean Avery (at least his PR get hockey attention)

3. Roger Clemens (would have loved to see Piazza kick his ass)

4. Tie Domi (many reasons, but cheap-shot elbow to Niedermayer sticks front-and-center in my mind)

5. Pat Quinn (dirty player, dirty coach)

6. Gary Bettman (ruining hockey)

7. Terrell Owens (money-hungry, cocky, good-for-nothing glorified bastard)

8. Scott Gomez (why else?)

9. Sidney Crosby (whining little biotch, not even the best player on his own team)

10. Derian Hatcher or Patrick Roy (couldn't decide who i dislike more)

Honorable Mention: Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Darcy Tucker (could be on the top 10 list if it weren't for 2 leafs already being on it), A-Rod (gotta respect his talent though, but not his salary), Rangers announcers, Stephon Marbury

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