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Lemaire interested in Devils' job?


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Lemaire, who won the Stanley Cup with the Devils as a coach in five seasons with the team from 1993-98, might even call the team to inquire about the job, previously held by Brent Sutter.

"If (Devils GM Lou Lamoriello) doesn't call, and I want it, it's me that's going to call," Lemaire told the Pioneer Press. "I first have to ask permission from the (Wild) because I'm under contract (until July 1)."


Oh, I love the photo they attached to it BTW. :P


Doesn't it remind you of...



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Actually Lou reminds me more of our beloved Emperor

but to steal the worst line in the movies about Robo-Coach coming back....



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Say no to Lemaire. I want a younger coach so that maybe, just maybe, if the Devils find a coach who is actually a good fit for the team he could possibly last more than 2 years. Isn't Lemaire 65? Seems like he's getting around retirement age to me.

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I just don't want this team to go back to scoring 1 or 2 goals and sitting back the rest of the game.

this team is barely capable of scoring more than 2 goals a game as is. No to Lemaire!

But knowing how Lou thinks, with his love for all things Devils nostalgia, I think he'll give the job to Lemaire.

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Crasher, Jacques Lemaire IS your father....

I'd much rather he be then my actual one :P

that don't mean he can coach my hockey team... though my Ford's Cup winning team did trap hard enough to give him a nice chubby :blink:

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