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Thanks, Brent.

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Here's hoping there's some kind of way tampering can be proven.

Maybe Lou's control freakishness caused him to bug all of the Devils' facilities, so we could use his talks with Daryl as evidence. :ph34r:

BTW, those pictures with Sutter are great. Someone needs to make them into a sign and bring them when the Devs play Calgary.

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Meh. If he couldn't take the Devils all the way, what makes you think he can do that with the Flames?

Yeah. First round flame out (pun only moderately intended) against the Oilers.

Well, of course, assuming the Oilers manage to make the playoffs, anyway.

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Here's to hoping we play Calgary at home so we can get the QUITTER chant going.

I'm partial to "You're an A$$hole" clap clap clap clap clap

but that's just me.

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After listening to Sutter in an interview shortly after announcing his resignation, I totally believed that Sutter was honest when he said we would not coach this year and he needed time off for family matters.

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This just really disgusts me. I understand his family issues and wants to be home. I get that. Then wait a year until you contract is up and coach another team. I am fine with that. Now he weasels his way out of NJ and is ready to coahc Calgary. Brent is being a weasel and has no itengrity. I hope he feels good about this.........

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