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Ok so it's starting to get painfully obvious that Lou is planning on giving the kids a shot as opposed to signing someone to fill some of the holes. So my question is who do you guys think will be called upon ?

Signed Forwards: Elias, Rolston, Zubrus, Parise, Langenbrunner, Pandolfo, Clarkson, Zajac* (still unsigned) 8

Signed Defensemen: Martin, Oduya, White, Salvador, Mottau, Greene 6

Those are all the skaters on our roster who are signed, 14, 8 forwards and 6 defensemen.

RW: Langenbrunner, Clarkson

LW: Parise, Elias, Pandolfo

C: Zajac, Zubrus, Rolston

Rolston probably won't end up playing LW next season and will probably be the second line center.

So now I'm asking who do you guys think will be the missing pieces? If the players stay in the positions that I listed then we are in need of 2 RWs 1 LW and 1 C. Also Are Corrente, Eckford or Fraser developed enough to make a push for a spot on defense possibly pushing Greene or Mottau out of the lineup?

IMO RW will probably be filled by Bergfors on the second or third line depending on how Clarkson does in camp and I'd give the nod to Halischuk to play the 4th line where he can continue to develop but not have to worry too much about providing offense. I don't really know too much about Ilkka Pikkarainen, he's 6'2 220lbs and when I searched him on youtube all I got was fight videos, unfortunately all of the videos were in Finnish so I don't know if Ilkka was the one kicking ass or the one getting his ass kicked. So maybe he was signed to play on the 4th line add that with the fact that he has some nice offensive numbers and he could add some scoring touch to the 4th line and be a good replacement for when players get injured.

We only need one player on left wing and I think it's unanimous that Leblond is going to get the call and play 4th line enforcer.

Center is probably going to go to Pelley or Ben Walter although I think the latter of the 2 was signed as a depth player to fill in a spot in Lowell.

Onto Defense it is true that we have a solid D corps although many people would disagree. I think Corrente is going to compete for Greenes or possibly Mottaus spot. I don't think Eckford is ready to make the jump just yet but I do think his time will come. Unfortunately Fraser probably won't make it to the team unless Salvadore or White get injured long term

So there you have it, my predictions for what the team will look like next year and I was able to do so only 2 days after Free Agency started, I amaze myself sometimes. Post your thoughts.

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