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Why Do I Have Such A Bad Feeling


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I'm usually a bit nervous, but I can't shake the bad feeling.

The Devs have come through so many time in the past.

But somehow I know how good the Sens are, I never really believed that we could win the series, and somehow I keep thinking about 2001 and the Avs.

Does anyone else fell the same or can someone make me feel better?

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I'm a pessimist.

I know the Sens capabilities.........I picked them in 5 with my head.

However, when the Devs play SCARED, they usually succeed.

Tonight, they play Scared.

Tonight, they win.......4-2 empty netter.

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My bad feeling is caused by the knowledge of Nielson's pre-game speech in Game 5.. that's the kind of thing that will get players sacrificing and doing the little things right..

My bad feeling is exacerbated by the fact that the Devils have not generated a consistent forecheck for most of this series, and that some of the Devils can be beat 1 on 1 by Havlat or Hossa..

I don't doubt the Devils heart, but I don't think they were 3 games to 1 better than the Senators.. not the Senators we saw in Game 5, at any rate.

If Lalime starts playing solid, watch out.. the Senators can beat us at a 2-1 game very easily...

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You guys are assuming the Senators are going to show up tonight. I still don't think that team has enough heart (Nielson speech included). I expect a hard-fought game tonight and the "best" the Devils have played yet this series. I also think it'll come down to the wire, but I think the Devils are going to close them out tonight. These aren't the 2001 Devils and remember that this team (even the 2001 Devs) have NEVER allowed a 1-3 comeback. If we were on the other side of the fence here, we'd have written our team off.

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Tri, all very good points. But I feel the Devs have the desire and talent to finish off the Sens.

We will be more disciplined tonight (no Sean O'Donnell taking PIM in Game 7).

This is a team that did not have too many "bad" streaks all year long.

I think they just want it more than the Sens do. Tonight the leadership of Nieuy, Stevens, White, Madden etc come thru.

Devs have many players that have consistently won - we are the team of winners.

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This team has the heart and desire.

But what we all know is that if the Sens brought the same heart and desire we did, and a commitment to details, they can beat us in 1 game. They're a better team, they have better scorers..

I don't doubt if the Devils lose tonight, they will have gone down swinging. I don't think the series is over if they lose tonight, that is an overstatement, because this team won't ever give up. But if the Devils play like they did in Game 5.. they're going back to Ottawa. Relying on lucky goals that go through 6 sets of legs, or relying on Ottawa throwing 4 guys deep into their zone.. it's not going to win hockey games now.

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Also mind you the Devils have only lost twice in a row once this year and not at all in the playoffs. In fact, their strongest games in the playoffs have thus far followed losses (Game 5 Boston, Game 4 Tampa, Game 2 Ottawa).

FAAAAAAAAAIIIITH. Plus we are 8-0 at home. And 8-0 after scoring the first goal. If they score first in the 1st period tonight, I think we'll have some happy posters come 10 PM or so. :)

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