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Habs unveil Gomez, Gionta, Mara, Cammalleri and Moen


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... and resigned by Lou at a discount (i don't think it's possible but if it is Lou will do it)

Yes he'll pull a Holik and play for a few years only to get picked up after he's lost everything he had and we'll sign him to an inflated 1-year contract. Oh wait the Rangers never bought him out. Scratch that.

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I keep having like conversations with myself that go like.... Damn I miss Gio.. Yeah but he's being overpaid.. But he was good and we didn't make an offer.. Would it have mattered? We couldn't beat 5 mil, and even so he's still just a good player now and has been declining.. Ok man, let it go, we move on

I think the reason we feel more sentimental over our players in Jersey is because we've had top guys stay around for so many years and not leave that when a player we love goes it's just harder.. I dunno that's just how I feel about it.. But I'll definitely be there on December 16th

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...Anyone else think that picture is massively photoshopped?!

As an experienced photoshopper myself I absolutely agree...I mean I see it happens in the video so I won't protest too much. But yeah mostly the lack of shadows and the sort of warped perspective of the background versus the foreground really don't help...might have been the lens the photographer used, aided by the fact that it's three short guys flanked by two tall guys.

This all coupled with my inability to perceive certain members in the Habs uniform...

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