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Who's left: A look at remaining free agents


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It's been more than four weeks since the free-agency market opened. The early days saw the likes of Marian Hossa and Marian Gaborik sign blockbuster deals with new teams. But with training camps getting closer and closer, a number of quality players are still looking for a home.

Here's an updated look at the top unrestricted free agents still on the market (players unsigned through July 29):

I know its been discussed before but there is some analysis of players abillitys, players who i like of the list:

Taylor Pyatt: i think Triumph has mentioned him before, still only 27 , and is huge at 6 ft 4 would be a great improvement over Pandolfo and an excellent option if we dont resign Shannahan (i think he is the sort of player who would flourish in New Jersey)

Dennis Seidenberg: Supprised he hasnt been signed, he would actually place second on our team in scoring for a D man, he is still only 28 and he can handle big minutes, i know we have a rather large pool of D men but adding him might allow us to free up somone else and make a trade.

Then there are the others like Sykora, Moore, Malhotra who have been discussed.

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pyatt strikes me as the kind of player who will go to the russian league. but yeah if we're using rolston/elias at center and not signing malhotra, i would take pyatt to prevent pandolfo from being anything more than a 4th liner. i don't see it though.

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I would pass on Pyatt. Seidenberg is good but apparently his asking price is too high and that is why he remains unsigned.

At this point it seems as though people just want Lou to sign a player for the sake of signing a player. There is nothing too exciting left in the free agent pool aside from Tanguay and he isn't a center so he won't be a Devil. If Lou signed Lang for a year it wouldn't be horrible but at this point let's just see what the kids can do instead of signing some scrub off the scrap heap of free agents.

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I would say lou isn't very excited about comrie, malholtra, or lang unless they are still holding out for bigger $$$. I guess you try until it camp is upon you, then sign for less $$$. comrie scares me in that nobody made "strong" attemps to resign him. malholtra has been consistent. lang leaves me wiggie because of his injury, not just his age. he'll sign a one year.

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