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Game Six: Devils Vs Sens


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GO DEVILS ! I'm excited...yet I feel sick.....ugh.......


I think we're all waiting to see how the first 10 minutes is not played, but how it is officiated.

Is it safe to say that the Devs have been given a very bad hand this entire series in the hope that it goes 7, and or the Sens win the series. Conspiracy theory yes, but we all know well that the last five games have been won by superior penalty killing.

I'll Show my hand and state it again that the Devs must play mistake proof hockey in order to win tonight. I hope to God Fraser is not in NJ tonight!

GO DEVS and shoot high to glove side!

Trivia.. what round was #4 taken in by the Caps in 82'?

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ugh my stomach hurts.... sooooooo nervous

Lets go devils

I just look at the fact that we turned it around against Philly to win the Cup, can Ottawa do it?

What differentiates NJ Vs. Philly in 90 and this series?

Marty? Stevens and how he kept the Team together along with Dano (not to mention the Eric hit)?

Yes I'm nervous and proud of that fact!

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Stevens was taken in the first round and fifth overall I believe.

You are correct! All Rookie and was up for the Calder at the time. You just won a copy of "Fraser's Greatest Officiating Games To Date"!

Ok... yes, it's 1 page with a big picture of his hair and his hand holding a can of his favorite spray (V05).

Seriously, nice job and let's get this game started!!!!!

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