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Oilers end pursuit of Heatley


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not that it matters to the Devils, but its no surprise. It's clear to me that he wants to go to San Jose, but now its more likely he will have to be a disgruntled player in Ottawa. If I were Ottawa, I would trade him to avoid any distractions he might bring throughout the season. They might not get a great deal, but at least they can trade him away finally. I would say this deal might work, maybe 3 teams could be involved:

Senators get:

Jonathan Cheechoo

Nick Petrecki

Christian Erhoff

Sharks get:

Dany Heatley

Tomas Plekanec

Roman Hamrlik

Ryan O'Byrne

Canadiens get:

Patrick Marleau

Anton Volchenkov

3rd round pick from San Jose


Canadiens could finally get Weber or Subban into their line-up, plus they get bigger down the middle with Marleau and get a shot blocking defenseman in Volchenkov. The Sens finally avoid a distraction.

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while i admire your audacity in conceiving of such a deal, the senators get ehrhoff, cheechoo, and petrecki for volchenkov and heatley. that's terrible - heatley's an HOF-level LW and he's being given away, bryan murray could save himself a lot of trouble by firing himself right there.

how's about this:

ottawa deals heatley (7.8), j. smith (2.1)

san jose deals marleau (6), ehrhoff(3.5), michalek(4.3), couture(N/A)

montreal deals max pacioretty, 2nd round pick, 3rd round pick, minor prospect


ottawa gets: ehrhoff, michalek, couture, 2nd round pick

san jose gets: heatley, pacioretty, j. smith, minor prospect, 3rd round pick

montreal gets: marleau

now montreal really can't afford this - it basically means that hamrlik is gone. but that's fine, he's not very good.

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