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2009-2010 New York Jets Thread

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oh god. as if 1 jets threadwasn't enough you have 2 go resurect last seasons to?

Damn right baby!

....we takin' ova! gangster_smiley_face_shooting.gif

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Since seeing Johnny Unitas walk off disgusted, having to watch the Jets celebrate Superbowl III, at the hands of his beloved team.. almost any memory Jet fans have of the Colts, has to put a smile on their face.

*1997: Jets\Colts. *Jets win 16-12, after being the only team (THAT season) to hold Indianapolis to zero touchdowns throughout 60 minute's.

*1998: Jets\Colts. *Black & Blue. The Jets steamroll over Indy 44-6, injuring an unprecedented five Colts players in the process. (by halftime)

*2000: Jets\Colts. *"Aint over 'till it's over." Jets claw back to win 27-17, after scoring 24 unanswered points in the 3rd quarter of the game.

*2001: Jets\Colts. *The 1-Point Miracle. Day before Christmas Eve, Testaverde's Jets, win 29-28 on a 40 yrd pass, with :58 left in the game!!

*2003: Jets\Colts. *Playoff Game. Jets eliminate Indianapolis with a 41-0 beating, as Pennington outshines Peyton.. going 20\25, with 3 TD's.

*2009: Jets\Colts. *The 14-0 Colts, cough up the "Perfect Season" -thus.. giftwraping a playoff-lifesaving victory to the Jets, by benching Manning.


*2011: Jets\Colts. *AFC Championship rematch from a year prior. Revenge comes swift!! Jets beat the Colts 17-16 with last second FG, to advance in playoffs.

.....BUMP.. add another Jets\Colts memory to the list!! :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:

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