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Njdevs Fantasy Hockey

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Well finally Yahoo! has put up fantasy hockey again...for those of you that have played before, settings are currently the same as they were last year and I'm not really inclined to change much. It'll be a roto league (fourteen categories total) with a 20-team max.

If you haven't been in the league before, we have an eighteen-man roster with twelve starting positions - two C's, two LW's, two RW's, four D, one Utility spot and one goaltender. All positions have an 82-game limit, meaning you can only play centers for 164 games - not counting the utility spot - goaltenders for 82 games, etc. Scoring categories include goals, assists, points, plus-minus, PIM's, power play points, shorthanded points and faceoff wins for skaters and wins, losses, GAA, save percentage, saves and shutouts for goalies.

Devilswede cause he's the reigning league winner gets to pick his draft position. Everyone else's draft spot will be randomized. He'll be the only one I auto-invite because of that, the rest of you either post in the thread or PM if interested in coming back or joining for the first time.

Generally I'll let people join first-come first-serve except if I know you won't be active or if I'm still waiting on a few people who have done this pretty much every year and have remained active.

I figure those who are interested enough to join will do so anyway...but hopefully a lot of you that played last year will come back since we had a pretty active league. Around 15 or so were able to make the live draft and about that many played out the season. I'm sure there will be a few noobs here and there as well and I'm more than good with that, but would prefer active teams since a big roto league can be a bit boring if half the teams are dead.

Speaking of the live draft I've set it tentatively for Friday the 25th at 8:30 PM but like last year I'm requesting a list of times when you can make the live draft from anyone who wants to sign up so that I can eventually get as many people there as possible.

If I wind up changing the date or time I'll do it at least a week before the posted date/time so that everyone can have advance notice.

Okay, let's get the sign-ups started! Oh and good news, Yahoo! has made stattracker AND their draft kit free of charge this season.

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btw I'm temporarily holding off on PM'ing anyone with the league info until like eight or nine people post, cause I just want to do two or three PM's en masse if possible :P But that shouldn't take too long.

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Every league I join with my friends turns out to be a bust because people always lose interest. So if this league has a lot of active members I would love to join if you would be so inclined as to have me.


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I am in, and damnit no untested rookies for me this year.

Well you can't do any worse than dead last in any case :P

All right first wave of PM's being sent out to everyone that's posted so far but from here in the regulars like Swede, Manta, halfshark, et al have first dibs on the rest of the spots and anyone else'll be considered after. As it stands we may have enough interest for two leagues this year :lol: (not that I'd run the other one or even play in it, one's plenty for me)

So far 10 PM's have been sent out, including me that'd be 11 out of the 20 spots.

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I'd definitely like to play but after last years debacle I'd understand being at the bottom of the list :lol: I never did get the Yahoo name back, I use a rocketmail account for the Yahoo stuff now.

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Well of course I'm in...it was a great league last year and hopefully we can do it again this year. Hasan, I'll let you know about my draft position soon, I just need some time to think about it first. I hope that's OK. :)

As for the time of the draft I would really prefer if you guys could do it on a weekend, and maybe a bit earlier? I would love to be around for the live draft this year since I couldn't make it last year. Obviously things went pretty well for me anyway, but a live draft is fun and it would be cool to experience it with you guys.

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I'd definitely like to play but after last years debacle I'd understand being at the bottom of the list :lol: I never did get the Yahoo name back, I use a rocketmail account for the Yahoo stuff now.

Nah you're in, just so long as you won't have any issues with Yahoo! now?

So's Manta, DevilDan, dr and GA Devil. I have PM's out to four other people who are likely interested (and I'd want in the league) - it wouldn't be the same without Swede or halfshark after all and LetsGoDevils is usually active too. I don't remember why Clown didn't join last year, I think it's because he couldn't make the live draft but I invited him anyway cause he always was into it before.

If anyone has problems signing up let me know through PM or the thread. SteveStevens and whoever else posts from here in goes on the reserve list, in case anyone backs out or decides not to join this year.

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So far nineteen sign-ups, when the league fills (and DS decides his draft position, I'm guessing based on whether he can make the live draft) I'll post the rest of the draft order.

I think I have all the teams right now...just to keep track of who hasn't signed up yet. SteveStevens is in too cause LGD couldn't make it this year. westcoast is in because someone else took way too long to sign up.

$1.20 Worth of Punch = Devils731

Championship Bound = devilsrule33

Devilswede = Devilswede

Dudes = bdubdevs

Dynamo Nation = redruM


Lad's Pad = DH26

Lalime Steamer$ = LOTCB

MantaRavens = MantaRay

New Jersey Swamps = me

Penn State Icers = NYGDevils32

Reno Rhinos = GA Devil

Sworn Defenders = aylbert

The Fornicators = JesterDevil

The iLL Squad = Devil Dan 56

halfshark = halfshark

Helsinki exileswedes = Swede

Wolverines = DevilMinder

Vulcans = SteveStevens

? = westcoast

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