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No, only the league winner gets to pick where they draft...it's sorta the only 'perk' you can give out without making it a money league lol.

Everyone else that joins (it's never usually the same 20 every year but a majority do come back) I randomize before the draft next year.

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Hasan, great job, My goalies died after the Olympic brak and that sunk me, but what a crazy year, after spending most of the 1st 2 months in the bottom 3 i somehow managed to work my way all the way to 2nd before settling for 5th, all in all a fun year,

I still think we should try to find a way to make this a keeper league, maybe each team protects 4 players from the year before?

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Congrats man! I know I'm a little late here, but I was the first one to congratulate on the league site. ;)

It really came down to the wire, and you pulled it off. My goalies really sucked down the stretch. Picking up Antti Niemi off waivers at the start of the season proved to be a good move for me since Huet was so ridiculously inconsistent this year. If I hadn't done that no way I'm in the top 5.

See ya next season! Should be a good one once again!

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