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Looks like I nailed it -

This from the Devils Website -----------

The New Jersey Devils have advanced into the Stanley Cup Finals. Tickets go on sale Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 9:00am. You can purchase tickets at Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster Charge-by-Phone, or by going directly to the Continental Airlines Arena Box Office. For other purchasing options, click here.

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By economic prinicple... the Devils need to learn how to price their tickets...

Tickets in the first round were over-priced...

Tickets in the SCF were drastically underpriced based on the demand for them...

That being said... people are f***ing insane... I want to be there, but I cant afford that... All well, ESPN and ABC it is for me...

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DAMN there was a @#$% power failure here where I live for like three hours and it started just before nine!!! Nice BLEEPing timing! I got Game 1 and 5 tickets (behind a net for each one) but no Game 7; those are gone already :evilcry:

I hope I can somehow get one here, someone at the arena sells for a decent price, or Ticketmaster really does put more tickets up later and I can get them...if not then the Devils better finish off the Ducks before it gets to a Game 7 :P

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Zamode and I are looking for 2 tickets to a game...never thought I would be out of rehab before the end of the playoffs but I did very well...was supposed to get out May 29 and got out May 13...Zamode will drive...I will whack anyone who says a bad thing about the Devs with my crutches :P May take 1/2 a period to scale steps but hey this is important stuff :o

Can't believe since '82 I will be missing playoffs...even 1 game would be a life saver :evilcry:

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Of course their are plenty of tickets on EBay, many from NJ sellers and of course, blatently overpriced. Ebay could care less about anti-scalping policies. They have some BS disclaimers and warnings but they do nothing to enforce them and don't reply if you ask them about any of it. Even with brokers in NJ, nothing can be done unless you file a complaint against them. EBay pulled Yankee playoff tickets, I'm sure after NYY lawyers threatened them. :angry:

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