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Reminder...When posting an article Cite the source!


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I know we have had an influx of new posters and some of the older posters have regressed as well. When you post something that is sourced from somewhere else on the web always post a link to the original source. Articles are not to be posted in full, in most cases a brief snippet of the relative portion is fine.

There is some confusion about the articles in the "news feed/twitter" Areas. These are provided by the websites as new wires of sorts and they control the content. The RSS feeds do in some cases have the entire content of the article. This is something they can control and the onus is on them to reduce the content if they want.

Regarding rumors and trades, since this very subject is critical to the reputation of NJDevs.com, we do not allow un-sourced trades or rumors. Period.

Put directly into the topic title Rumor if it is a rumor. If its a trade you better have a legit source (Major news organizations TSN, ESPN..) or expect a permanent ban.

No Source= deleted post. If the infraction is severe expect to lose posting priveledges on NJDevs.com


  • Post link to original content if it is not yours
  • RSS Feeds are company controlled and are exempt
  • Rumors are to be labeled as such! (RUMOR) Comrie signs with the Devils
  • Trades are always to be verified with legit source. Failure is detrimental to your health.

Thanks guys, let us keep those legal letters out of my mailbox!

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