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a classic line

"HOW LONG do you guys think till Devils fans get here? God I hope alot don't. I've been to jersey. Those people are rude & annoying... Bundy could actually make friends."

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Hey WCDF. You might have a chance to see the Devils win the Cup that night. Oh you poor baby you have to deal with Ducks fans while watching your favourite team in the Stanley Cup Finals. LOL.

:lol: that would be grand. they would all leave in the middle of the 3rd and me and my fellow Devils fans could bask in the glory of the on ice celebration. :clap:

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They really locked their board? What wussbags! Not that I post on other team forums much -- only when asked by someone here who needs help. I just think that's incredibly stupid - actually -- it must just be one lazya$$ed administrator who doesn't want the bother of banning individuals.

Hope the Ducks are similarly scared and share the realization that they are equally ill-prepared and ill-equipt to handle what's coming their way!!

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Dillinger4 5/24/2003 1:44:43 PM

Hey losers, the little quacklings still haven't tarnished the holy grail of hockey with their joke of a name yet -- don't count your ducks before they hatch, the Mighty fowl haven't even played a single game against NJ and you arrogant sucks are already acting like it's in the bag... typical.

I'm fond of this one, though.... :evil:

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imagine...."Anaheim Mighty Ducks" disgracing the sanctity of the Stanley Cup. I bet the NHL never thought they would get this far and therefore didn't expect they may have to disgrace the holiest of trophies with that abomination of a name. :angry:

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I don't hate the Ducks by any means...but I'm sure not liking their fans a whole lot right now.

I just hope the posts on that board show the minority of the fans, and for the most part they have classy respectible fans.

I can only hope though, and from what I've read and heard, I don't have a whole lot of optimism...boy are they cocky!

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