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Rule Changes

David Puddy

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My suggestions:

1. No-goal when the net is off. Either the officials need to be given some discretion to count obvious goals, or the rule needs to be rewritten to count goals that don't go in off the posts or something like that.

2. Limit the length of goal pads. Goalie equipment is starting to get out of hand. When you have pads that extend up to the middle of your thigh, it completely takes away the five hole in the butterfly. With the push towards more specific rules, I'm surprised the goal equipment rule is still for the most part completely vague. The bulk of the rule says, "With the exception of skates and stick, all the equipment worn by the goalkeeper must be constructed solely for the purpose of protecting the head or body, and he must not wear any garment or use any contrivance which would give him undue assistance in keeping goal." I'd say pads that extend high above the knee break this rule, since the pads are designed to protect the shin and knee, and the pants are designed to protect the thigh. (This is the Giggy rule.)

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By the time they would realize it is a goal, they would only have to change the time by 1 or 2 min. That is not a lot at all. This game is ment to be get goals and when you get one and it doesn't count just isn't right. Every goal should be counted, not the players fault that the officials can't see the puck go in on time. It's total bullsh!t and that rule should be the FIRST to go.

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I can't believe I forgot that one. I agree with NJay. Ottawa fans are whining about the officiating on their board, about non-calls (funny, since, to paraphrase Alfie, "those kinds of things shouldn't be called in the playoffs", but that's another story), but I believe the only truly BAD calls in the playoffs are ones that directly and incorrectly allow/deny goals, and specifically REVIEWABLE plays that affect goals. Offsides, skates in the crease, those types of things. If they want to speed up the game, they have to build in some sort of safeguard from letting that happen. Instead of the next faceoff, how about, "until 90 [60, 120, whatever] seconds have run off the game clock or the next faceoff, whichever is longer".

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Since play resuming is in the hands of the officials, and not other people (as in football), not allowing goals after play re-starts is the right move .. although one wonders when the rule was changed, because I distinctly remember a game 7 or 8 years ago.. Steve Thomas scored, but it went THROUGH the net and out the back.. oh, but then play continued... the next stoppage of play was when Ken Daneyko scored a goal.. but the Daneyko goal was erased and Thomas's goal put back on the board.. the Devils lost that game 6-1.. just a not-so-interesting anecdote.

Anyway, that rule should stay, because you shouldn't be able to go back in time.. what if a penalty is called, etc.. does the penalty just get wiped out? It's just unworkable. What happened with Pandolfo is 1 in a million, and refs should be more diligent about reviewing goals.. e.g. Spezza's goal in Game 5, where the refs reviewed it even though it seemed obvious to everyone.

The net being off is a tough one, refs discretion can't do it because they're not watching that.. I have no idea how they will resolve this one, they might have to anchor the nets more, which might cause more injuries.. but goalies shouldn't be able to nudge the nets off..

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That's the way the cookie crumbles SBT. (Yeah, I saw Bruce Almighty over the weekend).

Was it any good?

The MASK rules, by the way.

Definitely Carey's best film.

It was hysterical.

There were some serious parts to the movie because, unlike some comedy movies, it had a good plot to it so the ending wasn't funny but pretty damn moving and serious.

But some parts were out of this world hilarious.

I'm a huge Jim Carrey fan and this is one of his best. Ranks up there with Ace Ventura (my favorite Jim Carrey movie, The Mask, Liar Liar, and Dumb and Dumber)

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What I was saying was that they should review that rule so when a net is an inch off above the ice and the goal goes in the center of the net, it should count.

The only regulation on the size of goalie pads is on the width, so guys like Giguere can have huge portions of pad that extend up above their knees to cover the five hole on the butterfly. The size of equipment is getting out of hand, and they need to make more specific rules to keep it from getting too crazy.

It's all there in what I wrote.

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You entitle a thread Rule Changes, what needs to go then you proceed to say they should review existing rules? Whatever you say :blink:

As long as the net is off the mooring no goal...no exceptions...pretty simple...you want certain off the moorings to count as goals?

Since the rules allow for pads to protect the body I guess in your book the jewels of a butterfly goalie don't count...like I said earlier...whatever :blink:

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The subtitle didn't make much sense. Sorry if it confused you.

The portions extending above the knee no longer protect the body when you go down in the butterfly. They stick out and cover the five hole. The five hole is a hole. It is not a part of the body. Anyway, the goalie's pants protect the thighs. Not the pads.

Have you been watching any other series this year? There have been two game-changing no-goal calls because someone jarred the net a tiny bit. The only thing that matters in hockey are GOALS. When someone scores, it should count. The moorings are so short now that when the net's not totally off, it doesn't affect whether or not that puck would've been in unless the puck hits or comes very close to hitting the post. They should either give the officials (the guys in the review booth) a little discretion to say whether or not it would've been a goal had the net been totally on, or write the rule in such a way that allows good goals to count.

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