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Stevens The Ultimate Devil


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May 25, 2003 -- IN 1994, after the captain of the Rangers guaranteed Game 6, the captain of the Devils was asked if he'd care to do the same for Game 7.

"I don't go for things like that," Scott Stevens said. "That's not me."

Leadership is what's done on the ice, in the training room, during competitive practices. It's setting a tone. It's work ethic. It isn't necessarily being on the back page. It's what comes from the heart, not from the lips. It's being able to back it all up.

And that - all that - is Scott Stevens.

We have a hockey immortal here, folks. One of the game's greatest gladiators, one of its greatest defensemen, one of its greatest captains. There can be no debate about this. In the post-expansion era, there is Bobby Orr first, Stevens tied for second with anyone you care to mention, and that includes Larry Robinson, Denis Potvin and Raymond Bourque. All-time, there are Orr, Doug Harvey and Eddie Shore, and then Stevens and his exclusive group right there behind.

He keeps doing it, keeps rising to the occasion, keeps meeting the moment. Keeps doing it at age 39. Against Ottawa on Friday - one of the Devils' great victories - he was unconquerable. You know all the talent on the Ottawa right side, all the young legs, all the speed and all the talent that was simply going to eat Stevens up? You know Marian Hossa, Martin Havlat and Daniel Alfredsson? No goals in Game 7; one goal in seven games, that scored by Havlat off a goalmouth scrum when Stevens was not on the ice.

When they all talk about the Devils' experience, what they're really talking about is Stevens. When they all talk about the Devils' toughness and resolve, what they're really talking about is Stevens. When they all talk about this decade's run of excellence at the Meadowlands, what they are really talking about is Stevens.

That's a guarantee.

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Scott has been a perfect fit for this team. Can you imagine us winning our Cups if we had been awarded Brind'Amour and (I think) Jospeh instead of Stevens when they signed Shanahan?

It would not have happened.


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Nice article about Stevens. No denying his is the best. But he is not a one man team. And Scott would be the first one to tell you that.

I agree; I think Brooks went a 'little' overboard with the hyperbole.

But a positive article from Brooks for once; I'm not gonna complain. :lol:

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it will be like when Paul O'neil retired from the Yankees. Stevens is a true great and when he hangs up the skates he will be missed.

For some reason, I think Stevens means a little more to this organization that O'Neil to the Yankees....

....and O'Neil was a crybaby, for crying out loud!!

**I am a Yankees fan, though** :uni::uni: :wave:

**I did like O'Neil, though**

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