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That would stink if the Isles move out of the area. I grew up a fan of Bossy and those championship teams. I became a Devils fan in the late 80's because it's a heck of a lot easier for me to get to a Devils games as opposed to making the trek out to Hempstead, where there is no public trans. Doesn't mean I still don't root for them to do well. Well, except when they play the Devils :evil:

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I feel bad for Wang. He is a native Long Islander and has mostly decriminalized the ownership of that franchise. He has some SEC issues, but his CEO and CFO apparently took the fall for the bogus accounting charges. (The accounting was bogus, not the charges.)

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I've been to a couple of games at RBC Center and have seen a few Hurricanes fans up in DC at Canes-Caps games and most of the green or blue Whalers jerseys you see are worn by Raleigh area fans wearing their team's "throwback" (in the Whalers case its Ebay bootlegs since the NHL doesn't own the rights).

Unless you are knowledgeable enough to spot a fake (and believe me the fakes are pretty damn good anymore), what makes you sure those fans didn't spend the big $ for a original licensed Whalers jersey?

As far as the NHL not owning the rights to produce Whalers gear, looks like that has changed:

My link

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Turns out the LI Press article was indeed false speculation.


Wang and Murray to meet on Lighthouse project

According to a lease with Nassau County, the Islanders must play at Nassau Coliseum until 2015.

However, there is a provision under which Wang could break the current lease. If the environmental impact statement gets town approval, the County Legislature would be required to vote on a new lease - already signed by Wang and County Executive Thomas Suozzi - within 120 days. Lacking such a vote, Wang could break the current lease.

This IMO is the most interesting part of the entire article. It basically means that there is a situation in which the Isles could relocate for next season, if I interpret it right. This will be very interesting to follow. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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I think the Isles are locked into Nassau Coliseum until 2015. I hope they can get the Lighthouse or a revised version of it off the ground.

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