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Jackie Robinson, Republican hero

David Puddy

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Okay, first of all let me start off by saying I love the red banner with the star motif on the new GOP web site. Reminds me of something... not exactly sure what...

To the point... The GOP web site has named Jackie Robinson as a GOP hero. Here's what he had to say about the GOP convention when Goldwater was nominated over Rockefeller:

That convention was one of the most unforgettable and frightening experiences of my life. The hatred I saw was unique to me because it was hatred directed against a white man. It embodied a revulsion for all he stood for, including his enlightened attitude towards black people.

A new breed of Republicans had taken over the GOP. As I watched this steamroller operation in San Francisco, I had a better understanding of how it must have felt to be a Jew in Hitler

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So republicans can't think someone is a hero unless they agree with their thoughts and ideals? Hmmm, sounds like I group I know.

Not a "general purpose all-around hero" a "GOP hero".

He is listed in the GOP heroes section, see? http://www.gop.com/index.php/learn/heroes/jackie_robinson-1/

Not only was he a great athlete, Jackie Robinson was also a great Republican.

This however ruins contradictory to Robinson's statements that he made after his brief support for the GOP. They are fraudulently using his name in association with the republican party. It could just be an honest mistake, never the less they should remove it. I'd be pretty unhappy if I was a family member and saw his name being smeared on something he didn't support.

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