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NJDevs.com Banners that should probably get updated


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Suggest NJDevs.com slogans, mottos or other cliquey things!

I am going to update the list once we update the site. I figured this would give us something to do this week.

PS- Keep it in reason, and no PG13+ stuff.


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Also time to grab some Kovy thread quotables and throw 'em in the mix maybe?

"This is Team"

"I don't believe it until Kovy's mom says so"

"Don't worry about my cap"

There are PLENTY of them. I'm sure the NJDEVS can rattle you off some favorites here to consider.

Sorry if you have already done these and I haven't seen them. I haven't been hitting refresh to watch them change. ph34r.gif

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"Don't worry about my cap" and "Everything is status quo" are no-brainers after this debacle. (a variation on the latter is actually my fantasy hockey team name). Same with "This is team" or "This is forum," very good stuff. Could even include a simple reference to the legendary thread, something like "As the Kovy turns..." which was the subtitle for a while, wasn't it?

All the other stuff I'm thinking of at this point comes at the expense of other posters... should probably avoid those kinda things, hm?

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Seconded on "This is team," "Status quo," "Don't worry about my cap"

Something really should reference Lou's jelly-throwing tantrum. "Hide the jelly"?

"If you see MrTheMike in chat, boot him for good luck"

"Home of CRASHER, future Lady Byng Board Award winner." :evil:

I must have missed this somehow. What was the tantrum all about?

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GET KOVY IN THE BANNER - UDX where are you???

For quotes how about:

NJDevs.com: You don't know our sources!

NJDevs.com: Where Manta doesn't follow through on his bets.

NJDevs.com: I quit my job to refresh twitter professionally.

NJDevs.com: Where we are all missing a summer.

NJDevs.com: Kovy's a King, no a Devil, no a King, no an Islander, no he's going to the KHL, no a King, no...

NJDevs.com: We Circumvent other sites.

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We are probably due for an update. Most of them don't even make sense to anyone anymore.

I hope you don't delete the old ones. Even if they don't make sense they are part of our history and at least some of us will understand them.

With that said, there has to be a lawn mowing related one, I think it was already mentioned though. Maybe a simple: "I mowed the lawn today" or "The lawn has been mowed".

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