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GDT: NJ Devils @ Boston Bruins


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Long overdue for Yann Danis to start in goal tonight for the Devils and hopefully he has a good game and gets his first win as a Devils. After that lack luster of a game last night, hopefully the Devils will bounce back with a better game tonight.

Stay unbeaten on the road Devils! Get the road win and go 6-0!


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Much better 1st period than yesterday although this isn't a very difficult thing to accomplish. Devils came out competing from the first shift of the game. Danis looks good so far. Bergfors impresses me even more with every game he plays. On the negative side we had trouble clearing the zone again especially in the first 10 minutes.

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This team absolutely has an adventure of a time clearing the zone. It's been that way for 3 years now at least. This is the reason why their PK isn't better and why they went home last Spring.

I stopepd counting after 4 times on that penalty kill that they had a lane or chance to clear the puck only to have it kept in or fail to move the puck out. One that pissed me off was when the D went to lift the puck out and Zajac knocked it down and kept it in the zone for a Boston posession.

If this team would just improve to average funadmentals with the puck, they would save themselves a world of trouble. They also do not have enough puck moving mobile D men, even with Martin, becuase Oduya and Greene just aren't consistant.

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I Missed 17 minutes of first period but Devils were ahead by 1 and now in second period it's 1-1. I like Danis in goal so does the Devils team.


Did you discuss this with them in between periods or something? You're something else man. Even on a day he doesn't play you manage to regurgitate your Brodeur nonsense.

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