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GDT: NJ Devils vs. Capitals

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The NJ Devils (8-4-0) take on the Washington Capitals (8-2-4).. The capitals will be without Ovechkin, which should help the Devils out quite a bit.. Devils defense is still missing some key players but they showed they could win without them.. Devils beat the Caps earlier in the season, so let's see them do it again.. F*** the World Series it's HOCKEY SEASON!!






Posting this just after midnight so that the pictures will show up, since they apparently don't when I do this at work

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No A.O. tonight and the Devils always play well against Washington. Devils desperately need to start winning games on home ice and need to play the way they play on the road. Patrik Elias will make the call on whether he plays tonight against Washington. It could be his season debut. It does not look good for Johnny Oduya and it looks like Murphy will take Oduya's place tonight if he cannot go. The PP and PK need to play well tonight against Washington.

Get the win on home ice Devils!


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Hopefully Colin's undefeated GDT record carrys to home ice!!! lets friggin go Devils.... Capitals have lots other weapons to beat us with with out ovie. not having ovie is huge but Caps can still be dangerous

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