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GDT: NJ Devils @ Ottawa Senators


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Come on boys, lets keep it up and put this away in regulation.

I fvcking hate it when MSG cuts to commercials before they figure out the penalties. Is Neil going off too?

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Absolutely fantastic performance in the last 25-30 minutes of the game tonight. Considering all the injuries we've dealt with this team is quickly proving they can compete with anyone no matter who is missing from the lineup.

Greene and Clarkson deserve an immense amount of praise, they've stepped up their game so much, Greene looks like a #1 defenceman out there and Clarkson is getting better every game. I've also liked what i've seen from Halischuk, Zubrus and Rolston too. They haven't always been our favourites but damn they are making the plays when it matters at the moment.

This team has a whole lot of heart, i'm really excited to see the finished product when everyone is back healthy.

Heres to hoping the Rags and Pens lose. LGD!

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Way to be Devils! Way to f'n be. This was a very nice win. They played a very strong game and it was a well deserved win. I think they kind of sat back a little after the 3rd goal but its not so bad considering it was back to back games and some players are logging serious minutes with all the injuries. Either way this team has been a blast to watch this year. Very impressive.

The weird thing about tonight was how Leclaire and Brodeur basically gave up their first two goals. Both goalies lost their sticks on the first goals and both misplayed the second goals.

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