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COD: Modern Warfare 2


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This game is going to be amazing. It comes out Tuesday, I reserved my copy about a month for the X360. I can't wait until Tuesday. :dance:

Its out already in a lot of places. Even Gamestop is selling it early, but only specific Gamestops. Theres a list of them on Kotaku.

Ive had it reserved since like May and paid off since late September, but of course, my Gamestop is not one of the ones given permission to sell it sooner. No biggie. Im headed to the midnight sale tonight.

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Can you link me to where they have this list on Kotaku? I can't find it for some reason.

Its not really a pure list, it just mentions some stores in some areas where Gamestop is selling it early.

Just call the store you normally go to and ask, I did this morning and mine isn't among the stores (Im in VA). They're mostly in Ohio and New York state it seems.

Edit: Found it


What I think is most screwed up is Infinity Ward wont be resetting leaderboards or anything like that. Theres people that are already at the damn Prestige level.

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So at 5am i get an email saying...

"Hello from Amazon.com.

We're sorry for the delay in shipping the order you placed on November 03 2009 (Order# 105-1151107-67935266). We have good news -- the order is now being shipped! You should receive a shipping notification shortly, within the next business day, for the following item(s):

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2"


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XBL has been fine - only 1 really laggy game and that was the 1st game I ever played.

Anyway, I haven't played any of the campaign yet, but the multiplayer has been awesome. There are so many unlockables - from titles and icons to weapon attachments, maybe even a bit too much. The ACOG scope is a lot different from what it was in COD 4, and it looks to be better. The SMGs haven't been too effective so far but I love the M4 assault rifle.

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If only they didnt screw over the pc gamers. Good to see the console players are happy, but I dont want any stupid console port. When IW said the pc game was differentiated by its "keyboard and mouse support" I could not believe it. Add in the removal of dedicated servers for this stupid matchmaking bullsh!t and they have doomed the game to a much shorter lifespan than COD 4 had.

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I'm not a big fan of the "no party chat" on most XBL game modes, what is the purpose of that?

I guess its not that big of a deal since I just mute my whole team anyway, except for my friends I'm playing with.

This game has been awesome so far though and I have yet to touch the campaign. I thought the guns could have sounded better though, they seemed louder in COD4.

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