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GDT: Scott's Ducks @ Rob's Devils 7:00 PM EST

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I like it! Let em get out there so he can show us what hes made of! Nothing is a better shrine of greatness then taking the GDT away from an undefeated poster. It shows hes got guts, attitude and a will to succeed, ya gotta love it when a poster steps up in a slump to play with the big boys. The kids got balls

i unfortunately never received the god given talent to even make a GDT, yet alone exceed at it. Consider both of you lucky to even start a thread at this level and enjoy it, cause your one Carpal Tunnel away from being forced into retirement.

That was sort of inspirational :blink:

Either way, I feel like crap so I am going to sitting on the couch hoping the devils new found confidence at home continues.

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Christie Todd Whitman is sitting in front of us at the game

I met her at the Devils' Opening Night at the Rock in 2007. She was nice and let me take a picture with her.

Re: Chat -- For whatever reason, my computer never lets me get in there.

Great game so far. Go Devils.


MSG.com poll: Should the Devils retire Scot Niedermayer's number?


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another nice win. this one actually by 2 (!) goals.

i've realized that david clarkson has the oddest skill set in the league, and now i know who he plays like: happy gilmore. but seriously, i have absolutely no idea what david clarkson will become. he doesn't use his teammates well at all, but he's an above-average stickhandler (i think?) and that wrist shot looks better every game.

jacques lemaire has to do a little gunnery sergeant hartman with this too many men on the ice stuff. it's not his fault anymore, it's the team's, they've been playing hockey for years, there's no reason for this.

elias is not close to 100%.

bergfors has gone a little cold, he's not getting many scoring chances these past few games.

nice to see niedermayer come back to jersey with a devils' special there, turning the puck over the blueline. if he thought the game well, he'd probably be the greatest defenseman of all time.

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