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Best Devils Related X-Mas Present?


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I figured I would treat my parents this year to a "good" seats at a Devils game....or two. I ended up getting them tickets on the glass for a game, by the goal, and Club Seats close to the glass... included is VIP parking for both games. Has anyone else bought tickets as x-mas presents, or other Devils related items??

I hope they enjoy the games :)

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I usually get little Devils things. I got pens, a few Christmas ornaments, socks, tee shirts, etc. This year I'm hoping to god they put out those throwback jerseys. I also want to get my own customized team shirt from nhl.com. It may cost $30, but it's kinda cool to have my own name on a Devils shirt.

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I have only given Devils items for gifts LOL.... Tickets, Jerseys (one signed), sweaters, tee-shirts, hats (way too many including signed), glasses, socks(haha), scarf, etc.... I need to get some in return this time around... Wait I got a Devils hat as a gift, that I wear everywhere I go...

The quest continues for goal bar tix!

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I had gotten some Devils ornaments from a friend that knew someone that used to work for the Devils in the early 90's. I'll have to dig them out and post a pic of them. I think there was some green on the ornaments as well. That, sadly, is the only Devils xmas gift I ever got.

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