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'We love you, this won't change a thing'


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Nice to see a different side of the most arrogant man in hockey. I really enjoy these personal pieces on guys that just don't expect it from.

Your dad thinks through everything. Dad is big, confident and continuously radiates a persona that is rough, gruff, unrelenting and unapologetic. He has a cold, expressionless poker face straight out of a Clint Eastwood movie. Yet, he does this all with the most subtle of Irish smirks that says there is more behind this thick skin. And there is. He calls you "Moose" because you have always been a big kid. He cares very deeply about you and your happiness. You say he has always been there when you needed him. And he has a great sense of humor. Imagine that.

But on this night in 2007, you are petrified of your dad. Because you, Brendan Burke, at 19 years old, are about to tell your dad, Mr. Testosterone, that you are gay.


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nice article, but just terribly written, the 2nd person cannot hold up for this long

You realize that Triumph's comment is true, so respond by telling him that you agree with what he said..

Sent this to my roommate to read.. He came out to me the day we moved in to our house at school, but his story is somewhat similar in terms of his trepidation about coming out to friends and family.. In an aside, he will be going with me to the Islanders game Saturday!!

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Great read.

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