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GDT NJD (15-6-1) at BOS (12-8-4) - NOON EST - MSG


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if clarkson does in fact have a broken ankle, does anyone know the time frame that he would likely be out? is it 4-6 weeks like most other broken bones or is it longer because its the ankle (unfortunately would think it would be the latter). of course this is all speculation and the x-rays will hopefully come back negative and he comes back next week.

Rolston's high ankle sprain was around 6 weeks, I think.

I hope that it's not anything serious, but even a deep bruise will probably mean at least a week out. Ankle injuries are funky.

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I'd be shocked if Clarkson didn't break a bone. That looked right where there was no padding or very little. I'm going to call it based on what i saw that he's gone for tommorow and for a few weeks.

This is getting absolutely rediculous. It's going to get to the point where they just will not be able to survive anymore injuries without it showing in the standings.

Its becoming very difficult to enjoy the season at this point. The team goes 2 games without someone getting injured and its basically a miracle.

I think the fact that the team is doing as well as they are will all these injuries is a good indication of how good they can really be but id be shocked if this team is fully healthy for even a stretch of 5 games at any point this season. And its not like minor injury bullsh*t either. Its broken bones and dislocated shoulders.

I can't imagine Clarkson not having a broken leg. I mean that shot was point blank to his leg. Its almost getting to a point where every player is going to have to wear goalie gear just to stay in one piece. Very disappointing.

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Do we credit assists to Marty and Mottau for Boston's tying goal? Unf**king believable.

correct me if i'm wrong but marty tried to ring the puck around the boards, it took a funky bounce and came right out in front leading to a 3 on 1 in close... meh cant really fault anyone for it.

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It might be just me, but I'm always pretty confident in a shootout with cap and Zach. And were winning with so many players down. I hope Clarkson isn't gone for a long time.

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Good win Marty had a very good day even though the Boston goal was on him. Hey, another win without Zubrus.

Wrong, the Boston goal was lucky (like the Devils goal vs Sens) The puck hit a chink in the boards and took a strange bounce.

Your veiled shots at Marty are getting tiresome. You might fool some people with your fake praise of Marty but you don't fool me.

I just wish you had the guts to come out and state that you don't like him. Hey, there's nothing wrong with not liking him, that's fine. But these underhand comments are transparent, it clouds your judgement.

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