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Detroit Red Wings @ New Jersey Devils--7pm

Neutral Zone Trap

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Still gives me goose bumps! I remember that championship like it was yesterday!

Where were you when we won our first cup!?

In 223 row 7 for every game back then--it was unreal,to this day I never heard a louder crowd.After hanging out for awhile taking it all in,who was outside on top of a bus screaming and going crazy but the Hanson Brothers--That whole cup run was great,I'll never forget randy Mckays game winner in ot against Boston.

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We started off this game incredibly and everything's been slowly falling off all game. Oduya and Greene both had sh!tty plays on defense to allow goals, and Elias's offensive zone penalty hurt us too. Stupid.

It's been a pretty good game but the Devils haven't been pushing back offensively enough. Once Detroit got their legs it's been a problem. Many Devils look to be laboring while trying to match up with Detroit's speed, though we've been winning the majority of the board battles.

Looks like today's 4th line has gotten more minutes than most 4th lines because we've had a lead but everyone looks a little beat in this third playing 2 games in 2 nights.

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