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In one of the strangest Stanley Cup playoff games that I have ever seen, the New Jersey Devils are victorious over the Anaheim Mighty Ducks 6-3. In a series where only 12 goals were scored in a total of 4 games, 9 goals were just scored tonight. It was a game where neither goalie shined, but a game where the Devils seem to have corrected some of their problems they were having in Anaheim.

One of the problems the Devils had was their inability to win face-offs. They seem to have fixed this, actually leading that category barely, with 33 face-off wins; Anaheim had 32. Also, Patrik Elias scored a goal when the Devils were on a power-play, something which they seem to have great difficulty doing.

Although they appear to have improved upon these couple of things, that doesn't explain the unusual high scoring game. What caused it? Well, it would be too easy to chalk it up to bad goaltending. Although that must have played a little role, since ''Jiggy'' let up 6 goals in a Stanley Cup Finals game, something Anaheim fans would cringe at. But, as Pandolfo indicated after the game, they were just having fun! Pat Burns would agree, who was actually screaming at the team on the bench even though the team was ahead 5-3 at the time.

For all of you who were whining about how boring this series would be, with two defensive teams playing each other in the Finals, this game was for you. So watch it over and over again, because it is almost a guarantee that this won't happen again. Will Giguere let this happen again? Probably not. Will Brodeur let up a couple of sloppy goals as he did this evening? Again, probably not.

It should be noted that two of the goals made by the Devils were, by all means goals, but they weren't what you would call natural goals. For example, one of the shots made by the Devils was from the corner and was headed to the crease, not into the net. But it deflected off of two Anaheim players and past Giguere. Another goal was scored after Pandolfo was turned around and the puck hit off of his skate blade. Originally the ref waved off the goal, but the call was made from upstairs to allow it. That was Goal 4. The Devils were scoring what the announcers were calling ''dirty goals.'' But the last two goals, who where made by Jamie Langenbrunner in the third period, where two clean goals that put the Devils within reach of Lord's Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup will be at the pond for Game 6, when the Devils will have a chance to win it once again. So far the Devils only appear to be able to win at home, but before the Finals, the Devils had 4 wins and 4 losses when playing away. But the Devils can only seem to win at home and not when they are in Anaheim. The last time the Devils won when playing at the pond was Friday, January 24, 2003. Game 6 will be on Saturday, June 7, 2003. That game will be on ABC as well as broadcasted over the radio on 770 WABC at 8:00 PM ET.

As always,

~Kyle Bisignani




~ Thursday, June 5, 2003

~ Anaheim Mighty Ducks @ New Jersey Devils

~ Time: 8:00 PM ET

~ Venue: Continental Airlines Arena

~ Atten: 19040


GOALS 1 2 3 T

Anaheim Mighty Ducks 2 1 0 3

New Jersey Devils 2 2 2 6


Anaheim Mighty Ducks 12 7 4 23

New Jersey Devils 11 13 13 37


Total Goals 3 6

Total Assists 5 11

Total Shots 23 37

Penalties 6 3

Penalty Minutes 12 6

Penalty Kill % 75% 100%

Power Play % 0% 25%

Faceoffs Won 32 33


Ana - Jean-Sebastien Giguere

Record: Vs NJ | Season

2-3-0 | 14-5-0

NJ - Martin Brodeur

Record: Vs Ana | Season

3-2-0 | 15-7-0


1st Period

Ana - Petr Sykora - 0:42

Assisted by Adam Oates

NJ - Pascal Rheume - 3:35

Assisted by Turner Stevenson & Sergei Brylin

NJ - Patrik Elias - 7:45 (PP)

Assisted by Brian Rafalski & Scott Gomez

Ana - Steve Rucchin - 12:50

Assisted by Petr Sykora & Vitaly Vishnevski

2nd Period

NJ - Brian Gionta - 3:12

Assisted by Jay Pandolfo & Scott Niedermayer

Ana - Samuel Pahlsson - 6:35

Assisted by Rob Niedermayer & Keith Carney

NJ - Jay Pandolfo - 9:02

Assisted by Brian Gionta & Scott Stevens

3rd Period

NJ - Jamie Langenbrunner - 5:39

Assisted by Michael Rupp & Scott Niedermayer

NJ - Jamie Langenbrunner - 12:52

Assisted by Brian Gionta


1st Period

NJ - Scott Niedermayer - 4:34

2 Min - Roughing Adam Oates

Ana - Adam Oates - 4:34

2 Min - Roughing Scott Niedermayer

Ana - Keith Carney - 7:03

2 Min - Tripping Patrik Elias

NJ - Turner Stevenson - 14:34

2 Min - Roughing Dan Bylsma

Ana - Mike Leclerc - 17:50

2 Min - Roughing Patrik Elias

2nd Period

Ana - Adam Oates - 0:18

2 Min - High Sticking Turner Stevenson

Ana - Stanislav Chistov - 6:39

2 Min - High Sticking Patrik Elias

3rd Period

NJ - Grant Marshall - 11:52

2 Min - Roughing Ruslan Salei

Ana - Ruslan Salei - 11:52

2 Min - Roughing Grant Marshall

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