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Game 6 Thread

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I figured since I have to work tonight :( and I'll be missing ANOTHER game, I'd ask you guys for your help.

You all seem to be pretty fast at responding during game time, so I know I can rely on you guys for an accurate discription of whats going happening on the ice.

Its too bad that our muzak system is just a tape deck or I'd try my damndest to get it on the radio but thats not possible.

I've got a great feeling about tonights game, I can sense it. I'm just bummed that I'm going to miss it. It's funny, when I do get a chance to watch games they play like crap, and when Im not around they do wonders, go figure. :) Maybe I'm a jinx? :evilcry:

Anyways, have fun you lucky game watchers! I'll be thinkin' about ya's at work tonight!


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I'm leaving for the game in 20 minutes. With the hour drive we'll get there about 3pm. Just in time for the gates to open. I am so excited! Enjoy the game and I hope tonight our boys will sip from the cup.

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