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and even More "Peaceful" Muslim attacks

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Yup religion is stupid. Not just theirs...everyones. Although theirs is esp. barbaric and about 300 years behind.

Religion has its moments Oof, like when you are about to die and you pray to God. Help me with this Oof, do you agree?


"Still, the Obama Team believes it's a winning strategy to "Blame Bush," and there's some evidence they're expanding that tactic. In recent days, White House aides have suggested that elements within the intelligence community "deliberately" dropped the ball on the underwear bomber, Farouk Abdulmutallab, in an effort to make the administration "look bad."

That theory got lots of play on MSNBC last week. Newsweek writer Richard Wolffe, who has written a flattering book about Mr. Obama's successful bid for the White House, told Keith Olbermann that some in the White House believe that intelligence officials deliberately withheld information, in an effort to make the administration look bad. The same officials also suggested that the failure to stop Abdulmutallab's plot may have been intentional, and not accidental."

Is it that bad that the liberal media and the "Obama Team" (omg) believes this:


"Olbermann asks, "Is the implication there that there is at least a possibility that somebody understood how serious this could be and yet withheld information to make some other part of the counterterrorism system look bad?"

"That has got to be an area that the White House is looking into. Motives can be hard to assess," Wolffe said. "That's where this internal inquiry for the moment has to go."

Say it aint so Oof.

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