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What's your prized devils collection look like?

pumpkin cutter

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Great idea! I've re-arranged mine a bit and made some changes since these photos were taken, but you'll get the idea. Also, be sure to click the link in my signature to see my other game worn jerseys (only 2 are on display, my Langenbrunner and my Gionta 2003 Finals).











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Thanks! I have almost 20 game worn jerseys tucked away in my closet because I don't have the room to display them on my walls (hopefully one day when I move out and buy my own house I will) but I figured I'd go all out and display a few now, so I made that replica locker out of a book shelf and filled it with Langenbrunner's game worn jersey, gloves, skates, and stick (the helmet and socks are not game worn) and got the mannequin on eBay to display the 2003 Stanley Cup worn Gionta.

You can see my game worn jerseys and sticks in more detail here: http://community.webshots.com/user/TJordan522

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...jWomp, I'm feelin' that Beezer stick. (with photo) Nice work bro. :clap2:

Thanks! I actually got it from another forum member, Ben Rufener (thanks again Ben!!)

That photo shows Beezer using the EXACT same stick (not the same model...literally the same stick lol). He used it on 2/27/02 in a 1-0 loss to the Flyers. Check out the comparison of my stick to the game photo below:




Jwomp that's very impressive.

Thanks for all the compliments guys, I really appreciate it!

Well I was going to post pics of my stuff but it'll look crappy next to JWomp's stuff.. I thought I had a good collection until I saw this

Hey!! I’d still love to see your collection. You have a BIG advantage over me in that you have a Marty 552 wins net, and a lot of nice Steiner autographs.

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That photo shows Beezer using the EXACT same stick. He used it on 2/27/02 in a 1-0 loss to the Flyers.

Great comparison display between the stick and the photo. Really awesome that someone has a Beezer stick while playing with the Devils on his wall, other than me. (although mine's just one of his practice sticks I got from the 2003 Draft Day Party)

... :sigh: Lost a 1-0 game to Philly huh? Yeah.. that would be Johnny V's luck. -_-

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Currently, my room is under construction so the best bet is to look at my sites (all three are acessible from the main page) My Devils Stuff Make sure you check out my glove, helmet, and stick section too.

I wanted to get into several of the items that JWomp and other have, but I know that I would eventually have to dust the stuff one way or another. JWomp has a great collection as does everyone else's I've seen.

I am trying to acquire as many autographs as possible of players I meet in person. Usually I get an 8 x 10 done and the turn out quite nicely. I'll post photos of my autographs down the road.

Love to hear feedback on my stuff.

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