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What's your prized devils collection look like?

pumpkin cutter

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I thought I would share my collection...


...this bedroom repels chicks like the words "star" + "trek" + "convention".

Go Devils! cool.gif

Mighty impressive room! You're no doubt spot-on about it being a major chick repellent. That being said, any possibility of you reposting those photos a bit larger? It looks like you have some nice stuff!

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Screw that. Your room is a screening process. If they're repelled, they aren't worth it anyway. If one stays, put a ring on her finger.

Yeah seriously man if she stays you know she is the chosen one... That's a sweet collection and kinda like my vision for my future game room.. My new thing is to collect signed pucks because I want to build a small wall with them

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Just added these autos to my collection




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Here is my Devils Den! It is a work in progress as my husband only lets me buy so much at one time! I plan to do a border around the entire room of all different devils hats. So far I have 36 different ones.












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