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Scf Game 7 Thread


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Panger is picking the Ducks... :rolleyes: ...can't stand that little twirp.


Didn't he picked them from the beginning?

I don't think this guy ever picked the Devils in anything! Good, let's keep it that way. :lol:

I think he's afraid to pick the Devils because Disney is writing his paycheck!


I still love it when Pang was the goaltender in Chicago when Keenan was the coach. Mike pulled him from a 3-3 game early in the 3rd. His explanation to the Short One was "I don't have faith in you in winning this game!" WHAT A CLASSIC! Gotta love Mike Keenan for speaking the truth! :clap:

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These pics are taking LONG to load :saddevil:

Sorry Dew! :(

Not pointed to you Goober...just a reminder :)

Just a general remark from me to anyone...be considerate of pics tonight...there will be a crush of posters that could slow the server...keep that in mind...perhaps thread or threads for pics only :D

That Marty pic and 95 arena pic are gonna make this dial up user have to disable sigs, pics and avatars :(

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This is the first time I've posted, and I want to say that I've been 'lurking' around here for what seems like forever, and your board was what made the looooooooooooong playoffs bearable for me. I came here for cheering up when the Devs lost 2 in a row in this series. I missed game 6 (prior engagement) and the first thing I did when I found out they lost was log into njdevs.com to find some moral support.

I hope we win and give the naysayers and choke-a-holics something big and silver to choke on.

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Half an hour till the puck drop........

Are you:

a. "excited" nervous

b. "scared sh!tless" nervous

c. "pukey feeling" nervou

d. "Nervous? Who me...N'ah?" nervous

I'm a mixture of A and B....but that could be because I just ate dinner..... :puke:

GO FOR IT DEVS.....RAISE SOME HELL! :evil::burn:

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I was a "C" earlier, but now I'm a combination of "A" and "B"

:clap: LET'S GO DEVILS :kill:

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