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Scf Game 7 Thread


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Turner, stick on the ice!!! :blink:

OK, I need more alchohol. Captain & Coke part 2 coming up.

Hickmania, we definitely need a Devils drinking game. I've already got some great rules in mind.

Rule #15: Every time announcers mention Pang giving up the Holy Goal to John MacLean, you drink. :D

:evil::evil::evil: !!! I BELIEVE !!! :evil::evil::evil:

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I'm trying to stay composed here but it's tough. Man the nail was set in the coffin, Turner just dropped the hammer. It's ok though, if they can get the next one...forget it...I'm keeping my mouth shut.

BTW the reception Dano keeps getting is very heart-warming and deserved.

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Good job by the Devils in the second period. They have played great for the 40 minutes of play. Their defense has given no room for the Ducks to shoot. Devils have done a good job on faceoffs tonight too.

Devils D has really made Marty's life easy tonight.

One more period and the Cup will belong to the Devils.

I think the Devils get the win now. SBT even said so and he is never wrong.

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incredible, the Ducks carried the play that period but the Devs cashed in on the few chances they got by crashing the net. Would be 3-0 if Turner didn't have a brain fart.

so close, they can taste it

not over yet though, these 20 minutes can last an eternity

f*ck JS Giguere, overrated stiff. SCOTT NIEDERMAYER should get the Smythe trophy. No Anaheim goalie should take the Smythe on Devils ice.

some other things to keep in mind

*likely daneyko's last game

*this will be the last time you see the Devils wearing white at home for a long time


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I'm so glad we went into the 3rd with a 2-0 lead, that makes me feel much better.

Giguere has NO game 7 final experience, and Marty has. Marty knows now is the time to stay calm and just make the saves. COME ON DEVILS!!!!! Stay focused and in 20 minutes we will be holding the cup! I'm looking forward to wearing my stanley cup t-shirt to work on Friday!

I'm gonna have no nails left by the end of the night!

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One more period to go

It's the Devils to loose and they won't because they are a great defensive team now up 2 goals.

The Devils defense has been playing great just outstanding.

Rafalski & Nieder are playing their best game

Dano and Albelin are consistent, I am so glad that Dano is in this game. I posted he would bring a message "win it for Dano" to the team,

Stevens and White are doing a good job, no mistakes.

They keep it up for the 3rd period and they skate the CUP.

Did you hear the announcers say the building, cement was shaking, I been there and had that. Awesome feeling, just excitement.

Those at the game must feel great as we do at home.

GO DEVILS Play good defense.

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There will be times this period where the Ducks will be stuck with one man back. I hope to see a ton of odd man rushes, and hopefully, Devil scoring chances.

Just gonna post the same thing----they're gonn come guns blazing---look for Kariya, Oatres Sykora to be matched up and play 10 mins.

Hold the fort for the first five-six mins. and the chances will come.

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QUOTE (GetReal @ Jun 9 2003, 08:54 PM)

Stevens should give the CUP to Dani first to skate around as Avs did for Bourque.

wow now that would bring a tear to the eye BUT WE HAVENT ONE YET shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

KNOCK ON WOOD!!!! :uni:


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7: You made a good point about how this is the last time a home team will wear their whites. I think the Devils have the best road jerseys so it should not be a problem. The Wild road jersey has a lot to be desired. It will be wierd watching those Wild green unis at the X next year.

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